About Hallid

HALLID SMITH – CEO Greenhouse Business Development Pty Ltd

 and Founder of  Greenhouse Foundation NPC

 I am a business development specialist with more than 12-years experience developing people and businesses. I am a qualified skills development facilitator (SDF), assessor and moderator. Along with the help of my amazing team I facilitated in excess of 500 high level interventions over the last two years .


I have in-depth experience in several fields including executive coaching, strategic planning, organizational development, team and personal dynamics, leadership, marketing, sales, project management, conflict management, skills development and small enterprise development. My greatest asset is my network and my ability to interact with people at any level, whether it’s a CEO of a billion dollar corporation or a homeless person on the street.



hallid and Stedman

One of my greatest accomplishments, other than the birth of my four amazing boys into this world, was developing the Greenhouse Incubator program. The vision of the Greenhouse growth program started many years ago with a quest to develop a unique and comprehensive business program that could guarantee measurable business growth.  Greenhouse has been developed through extensive research, collaboration and consultation with reputed, key specialist consultants in South Africa and abroad. The poignant question I posed was: “What are the key areas of business growth and what is the recipe for its success?

My motto is: “Business growth is about planting the right seeds at the right time, then nurturing them by creating the perfect environment within which it can successfully grow.”



  • I recognize and accept that change and growth never ceases. It provides me with the opportunity to always add greater value to my clients, businesses and everyone I meet.
  • Passion is my compass and it will always guide me to continually serve others


Target audience

  • Small medium and Micro enterprises SMMEs ,Qualifying small enterprises QSEs and Large entities
  • Registered companies must be at least two years in operation
  • Companies must have a minimum of  5 permanent employees
  • The organization must have financials and a valid tax clearance certificate
  • Company owners ,directors and management staff
  • Young Entrepreneurs willing to do whatever it takes to achieve success



My social responsibility

I founded the Greenhouse foundation nonprofit company in 2007 that provided entrepreneurs and under privileged youth the support they needed to grow. Our programs and ongoing support has changed the lives of thousands of South Africans .We have a positive impact on job creation and we continually strive to make a significant contribution to South Africa’s economic growth.


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Core Services offered


  • Business consulting services focusing on ten key growth areas.
  • Project manage and develop customized enterprise and supplier development programs.
  • Secure your weighting points for enterprise development and other elements on your BBBEE scorecard
  • Customized performance ,monitoring and evaluation tools
  • Impact assessments ,competency certification, data analysis and reporting services
  • High level strategic planning ,executive coaching and consulting services
  • Facilitation of more than 80 one to five day outcome based soft skills training workshops



Specific outcomes achieved


  • Develop and review your short and long term business strategy
  • Assess and review your personal and team dynamics
  • Identify skills gaps and implement skills development programs
  • Review and Research the specific industry and analyse the data
  • Review the financial management processes and policies
  • Apply innovative techniques to remain abreast of global trends and technology
  • increase overall businesses’ productivity and performance
  • Review and  implement change management practices
  • Develop, implement, and drive the sales process.
  • Review and revise the marketing strategy
  • One on one executive couching and mentoring


Recent written contactable references

       March-Sept 2014


Interventions: Business consulting and facilitation services, Strategic planning, organization development and team building

Name Testimonial Company designation
NombuleloMsikinya Excellent Intervention pitched at the right level. So much achieved in just 2 days. Hallid is very knowledgably and cool, exceptional diverse expertise in the areas we needed to be addressed in our organization Sahra(SA heritage agency) Manager Office of CEO
Cathy Motsisi I am sincerely grateful by the speed at which hallid understood the challenges of Sahra and managed to put together an comprehensive and relevant program for building the Sahra team Sahra CFO
LungisaMalgas Hallid was fantastic. I really like his humility and humbleness. You are professional. I wish our organization can foster good continual relationship with him. I hope you grow from strength to strength. Sahra Company secretary
James Ross Keep up this outstanding work hallid .  Well done! Western Cape education department Head of department
André Human A well-structured program in a fantastic environment and with good facilities. One of the best things that happened to the Property Management Department.  We will surely function more effective as a team. Thank you Hallid City of CapeTown Director City of Cape town property division


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