9 Steps to Making your New Staff Members feel Part of the Team

Begin the familiarization Instigate procedure that will enable new staff members to become familiar with important features of the organization and its administration. For example, newcomers should: undertake a guided tour of the company, particularly those areas with which they will have most contact, such as the administration area, storeroom, staff facilities, reprographics room. meet […]

8 Ways to Developing Staff Cohesiveness

Be aware of the features of a cohesive team What are the characteristics of a team you are striving to establish? According to Douglas McGregor, the ideal team displays these features: The atmosphere is informal, comfortable, and relaxed. Everyone participates in discussions. Members listen to each other. Every idea is given an adequate airing. The […]


There are five steps to managing conflict. These steps are: Analyse the conflict Determine management strategy Pre-negotiation Negotiation Post-negotiation Step 1: Analyze the conflict. The first step in managing conflict is to analyse the nature and type of conflict. To do this, you’ll find it helpful to ask questions. Answers may come from your own […]