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Building your team starts with WHO YOU ARE because it will have a direct impact on WHO you need in your immediate team and HOW you lead and equip them.

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HALLID SMITH – CEO Greenhouse Business Development Pty Ltd  and Founder of  Greenhouse Foundation NPC

8VLEFX9CQ0QSA5YG29MLYA94C7UBI8Z7I am a business development specialist with more than 12-years experience developing people and businesses. I am a qualified skills development facilitator (SDF), assessor and moderator. Along with the help of my amazing team I facilitated in excess of 500 high level interventions over the last two years .

I have in-depth experience in several fields including executive coaching, strategic planning, organizational development, team and personal dynamics, leadership, marketing, sales, project management, conflict management, skills development and small enterprise development. My greatest asset is my network and my ability to interact with people at any level, whether it’s a CEO of a billion dollar corporation or a homeless person on the street.



One of my greatest accomplishments, other than the birth of my four amazing boys into this world, was developing the Greenhouse Incubator program. The vision of the Greenhouse growth program started many years ago with a quest to develop a unique and comprehensive business program that could guarantee measurable business growth.  Greenhouse has been developed through extensive research, collaboration and consultation with reputed, key specialist consultants in South Africa and abroad. The poignant question I posed was: “What are the key areas of business growth and what is the recipe for its success?
My motto is: “Business growth is about planting the right seeds at the right time, then nurturing them by creating the perfect environment within which it can successfully grow.”

Hallid, is a true specialist  and brilliant at what he does, We were very impressed  with his thoroughness and professionalism. He spent several hours with the council members and executives identifying specific issues within the team so he could customize the intervention  to address our need. The result was remarkable the speed at which he identified the different types of personalities ,conflict issues and tension within the group. Hallid created fun activities and scenarios which allow us to see our colleagues differently and to appreciate our difference. Undoubtedly hallid added value  to our team and business.

Catherine Motsisi, SAHRA

Thank you to you and your team for the brilliant “team building experience on the 19 and 30 March. The interaction and activities that you presented and facilitated aligned strongly with the brief of our team building requirements and our preparation discussions.  The success of the team building can be contributed to your pre-event planning and preparation where all my staff were provided an opportunity to identify specific issues and challenges within the work environment and on a personal level. This was very helpful in identifying the different types of personalities, conflict issues and tension within the group by way of open discussion and activities.  Through these discussion and fun activities the staff where able to recognise and appreciate the differences within our team, and quickly learned how to build on our strength and diversity.

Andre Human, City of Cape Town

Green House Business Development has been awarded, on numerous occasion, with providing training to WCED  Head office employees. we continue to receive a good standard service from Greenhouse development and will be happy to receive their services in future. we have built good working relationship with Mr Hallid and receive professional services from him at all times .He is willing to assist us where possible, and make a concerted effort to meet the needs of the departments in term of training offered.

M Jacobs, HOTC